Sunday, January 13, 2008

Open Letter to Mises Institute Adjunct Faculty Members

I was disappointed to see that the people below are adjunct faculty members at Lew Rockwell's Mises Institute.

No one can gainsay Ludwig von Mises' contributions to social science. He was, perhaps, the most important economist of the 20th century, a man whose contributions have been undervalued and even neglected by the mainstream profession. It is important that his work and contributions are not lost to history.

Indeed, it's fitting that an institution exists to honor Mises and educate new generations of economists about his work.

Unfortunately, that institution is presided over by Lew Rockwell, which brings me to the reason for my post:

You may have been following the news that in the 1980s and 90s Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul put his name to a series of newsletters. Those newsletters were unearthed last week by The New Republic in a detailed article available here. Whatever The New Republic's deficiencies as a publication, in this instance it appears to have given an accurate depiction of the newsletters' contents. In fact, copies of some of the newsletter have been reproduced here. I've reproduced some of the excerpts at the end of this post.

Ron Paul insists that the newsletters were written by others whom he refuses to name. Reports suggest that an aide who remains close to Paul is responsible for at least some of the comments about blacks and gays in the newsletters. Rumors on the internet suggest that that man is Lew Rockwell. Indeed, Ron Paul's former congressional chief of staff has called upon Rockwell to admit responsibility for the bigoted comments.

I make no claim to know whether Rockwell, a former chief of staff to and close associate of Ron Paul, is responsible for the content. And were this the first time Rockwell's name was linked to vile material, I would not take the time to post this note.

But Rockwell has trafficked in code words and racialist rhetoric in the past. In 1991, at the same time Ron Paul's newsletters were in print, Rockwell, in his capacity as president of the Mises Institute, wrote a letter to the L.A. Times defending the beating of Rodney King suggesting that "Liberals talk about banning guns. As a libertarian, I can't agree. I am, however, beginning to wonder about video cameras."

Anyone who had the chance to read The Rockwell Rothbard Report of the late 80s and early 90s would've read similar wink-wink rhetoric about blacks and other groups.

Others who have written for Lew Rockwell's website or spoken at Lew Rockwell's Mises Institute have dispensed with the winking. There's the white nationalist Samuel Francis who spent years as editor of the Informer, the publication of the Council of Concerned Citizens, the middle class' answer to the KKK.

There's Joseph Sobran, another writer who has appeared on and spoken at Lew Rockwell's Mises Institute, who has written: “Most gentiles respect Jews for their intelligence and ability, but they have also come to take certain kinds of Jewish misbehavior for granted. Israeli racial supremacism is assumed as inseparable from “Israel’s right to exist”; loose Jewish charges of anti-Semitism, especially against Christians, are likewise so predictable as to cause little surprise or outrage. In public life, at least, the Tribe has embraced this baneful form of “minority” status and the implicit contempt that goes with giving up hope of normal civility. As with other “minorities,” the Christian habit with the Tribe is simply to pretend not to notice obvious and distressing things. This, we assume, is just their nature; they aren’t going to change; maybe they can’t help being this way. ”

There’s Jared Taylor, another writer who has sometimes made an appearance on, who is publisher/editor of the white nationalist periodical American Renaissance.

I could go on – the snide remarks about Rosa Parks on upon her passing, for instance, or the reports of shameful and vile public and private comments at various Mises Institute conferences – but I think you get the point.

I understand that no individual fully subscribes to the views expressed by any organization. That’s the nature of institutions. I understand that the people listed below may fully agree with everything written above, or none of it. I understand that they may have, in fact, spoken just once at Lew Rockwell's Mises Institute and thereby earned the designation “adjunct faculty”.

Indeed, they may have been unaware until now of who else has been associated with the Mises Institute or Lew Rockwell and what else they have been writing. Having been informed, they may not mind much what has been written or who has written it.

I do hope they will reflect upon the kind of people with whom Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute have brought them in connection. I’ve posted this open letter at in the hopes of shining some sunlight on the people who have been associated with Lew Rockwell and/or the Mises Institute.

Sunlight is, after all, a pretty good disinfectant.

I know this at least. Ludwig von Mises was a champion of individual liberty, and a man who deserved a lot better than having Lew Rockwell sully his good name these past 25 years.

Mises Institute Adjunct Faculty

The following faculty members are listed as adjunct faculty members at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.

If anyone listed here is listed in error, please email me at to have his name removed. Similarly, if anyone believes the views of the Mises Institute or its members have been mischaracterized below, please email at the above address.

Adams, Charles - Williamsville, New York
Allen, Ward - Auburn University
Anderson, Martin - Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Anderson, Robert G.- Sheridan, Wyoming
Anderson, William L.- Frostburg State University
Armentano, Dominick - University of Hartford
Arnold, Roger - California State University, San Marcos
Arthur, Terry - Institute of Actuaries/Institute of Economic Affairs
Barnett, Andy - Auburn University
Barnett, William - Loyola University
Barry, Norman - University of Buckingham, UK
Barth, James - Auburn University
Bartlett, Bruce - National Center for Policy Analysis
Bassani, Marco - University of Milan; Mises Institute
Batemarco, Robert Ziment -
Becker, Joseph - Washington, D.C.
Bellante, Donald - University of South Florida
Bennett, James T. - George Mason University
Benson, Bruce - Florida State University
Bernardini, Paolo - Boston University
Bittlingmayer, George - University of Kansas
Bjornsson, Olafur - University of Iceland

Bostaph, Samuel - University of Dallas
Bouillon, Hardy - Centre for the New Europe
Boykin, Scott - Birmingham, Alabama
Bracewell-Milnes, J.B. - Surrey, England
Bramoullé, Gérard - Université de Droit, d'Economie et des Sciences d'Aix-Marseille
Brandly, Mark - Ferris State University
Bratland, John - Department of the Interior
Brown, Harold - Reformed Theological Seminary
Brown, Pamela - California State University, Northridge
Brzeski, Andrzej - University of California, Davis
Burton, David R. - The Argus Group
Burton, John - Birmingham Business School, England
Calcagno, Peter - College of Charleston
Callahan, Eugene - London School of Economics
Calzada, Gabriel - Rey Juan Carlos University
Campan, Gaël - University of Paris
Cantor, Paul - University of Virginia
Carilli, Anthony - Hampden-Sydney College
Carlson, Allan - The Howard Center
Cleveland, Paul - Birmingham-Southern College
Cochran, John P. - Metropolitan State College of Denver
Colombatto, Enrico - Universita' di Torino
Comanescu, Dan - Cristian University of Bucharest
Conway, David - Middlesex University, UK
Cordato, Roy E. - The John Locke Foundation
Cox, Jim Georgia Perimeter College
Coyne, Christopher Hampden-Sydney College
Cubeddu, Raimondo University of Pisa
Currier, Elizabeth Committee for Monetary Research and Education
Cuzan, Alfred G. University of West Florida
Cwik, Paul Mount Olive College
Dalton, Allen Boise State University
Dempster, Gregory Hampden-Sydney College
Denson, John V. The Mises Institute
DeRosa, Marshall Florida Atlantic University
Desrochers, Pierre Univeristy of Toronto
Devanny, John South Carolina Governer's School
Duhaime, Eric National School of Public Administration, Canada
Ebeling, Richard Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)
Egger, John Towson State University
Ekelund, Robert B. Auburn University
Epstein, Gene Barron's
Eshelman, Larry J. Ossining, New York
Fand, David George Mason University
Fernandez-Morera, Dario Northwestern University
Fleming, Thomas Rockford Institute
Flew, Antony G.N. University of Reading, England (emeritus)
Foss, Nicholai Juul Copenhagen Business School
Gallaway, Lowell Ohio University
Gamble, Richard Palm Beach Atlantic College
Garrison, Roger Auburn University
Glahe, Fred R. University of Colorado
Goldberg, Steven City University of New York
Gottfried, Paul Elizabethtown College
Greaves, Bettina Bien Foundation for Economic Education
Habermann, Gerd Unternehmer Institute, Germany
Habsburg, Otto von Schlarbaum Laureate
Habsburg-Lothringen, Karl von Pocking, Germany
Halbrook, Stephen P. Fairfax, Virginia
Hamowy, Ronald University of Alberta, Emeritus
Hanke, Steve Johns Hopkins University
Harris of High Cross, Lord Institute of Economic Affairs, London
Harriss, Lowell Columbia University
Hebert, Robert F. University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Higgs, Robert Independent Review
Hoff, Ole-Jacob Tjome, Norway
Holcombe, Randall Florida State University
Horowitz, Irving Louis Rutgers University
Huebert, JH Youngstown, Ohio
Huerta de Soto, Jesus Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Hughes, Arthur University of Maryland
Ikeda, Sanford SUNY, Purchase College
Jeffrey, Christina Limestone College
Jewell, Jason Faulkner University
Jones, Madison Auburn University
Kaplan, Edward Western Washington University
Kee, James R. St. Mary's University, San Antonio
Kinsella, N. Stephan Applied Optoelectronics, Inc
Kirzner, Israel New York University
Klein, Sandra University of Missouri
Krecke, Elisabeth University of Law, Economics, and Science of Aix-Marseille
Kudlow, Lawrence A. Schroder & Co., Inc.
Kukathas, Chandran Australian Defense Force Academy
Kurrild-Klitgaard, Peter University of Southern Denmark
Laband, David Auburn University
Larkin, James University of Adelaide
Lepage, Henri University of Paris
Leube, Kurt Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Lilley, Floy Mises Institute
Lipkes, Jeff University of South Florida
Littlechild, Stephen O. University of Birmingham, England
Livingston, Donald Emory University
Lopez, Franklin A. University of New Orleans
Lottieri, Carlo University of Siena
Luckey, William Christendom College

Machovec, Frank Wofford College
Mahony, David O University College, Cork
Mathews, Donald Coastal Georgia College
Maxey, Margaret University of Texas, Austin
McCallie, John Michigan State University
McElroy, Wendy Ontario, Canada
Melese, Francoise Naval Postgraduate School
Michel, Christian London, England
Modugno, Roberta Adelaide University of Roma 3
Moini, Mostafa Oklahoma City University
Moldofsky, Naomi University of Melbourne, Australia
Montgomery, Michael University of Maine
Moore, Thomas Gale Hoover Institution
Moorhouse, John Wake Forest University
Moots, Glenn Northwood University
Moses, Michael Valdez Duke University
Moss, Laurence Babson College
Mueller, Antony P. University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, and University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil
Murata, Toshio Yokohama College of Commerce
Murphy, Robert New York University
Nataf, Philippe University of Paris–Dauphine
North, Gary American Bureau of Economic Research
Okon, Hiroyuki Kokugakuin University
Ostaszwski, Krzysztof University of Louisville
Ostrowski, James Buffalo, New York
Overbeek, Johannes University of the Virgin Islands
Padilla, Alexandre Metropolitan State College of Denver
Pasour Jr., E.C. North Carolina State University
Peterson, William Heritage Foundation
Peyser, Thomas Randolph-Macon College
Pongracic, Ivan Hillsdale College
Powell, Benjamin San Jose State University
Prowse, Michael The Financial Times
Quirk, William University of South Carolina
Rashid, Salim University of Illinois
Reed, Lawrence Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Reekie, W. Duncan University of Witwatersrand
Reisman, George Pepperdine University
Reynolds, Morgan Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
Riddle, Wesley Allen U.S. Military Academy
Ridgway, Terry University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Ritenour, Shawn Grove City College
Roberts, Carey M. Arkansas Tech University
Roberts, Paul Craig Hoover Institution
Rodriguez de Ampuero, Dora Institute of Political Economy, Ecuador
Rowley, Charles K. George Mason University
Rozeff, Michael University at Buffalo
Sabrin, Murray Ramapo College
Salin, Pascal University of Paris
Saucier, Chantal Maurice, Lousiana
Schohl, Frank Friedrich Schiller University, Germany
Sciabarra, Chris New York University
Scott, Carole State University of West Georgia
Scott, Jeff Wells Fargo, San Francisco
Sechrest, Larry Sul Ross University
Seldon, Arthur Institute of Economic Affairs, London
Selgin, George University of Georgia
Sennholz, Hans F. Grove City College
Shaffer, Butler D. Souhwestern University School of Law
Shah, Parth Institute for Civil Society, India
Shanahan, Edmund Edmund Burke Institute
Shapiro, Milton Claremont Graduate School
Shearmur, Jeremy Australian National University
Shenoy, Sudha University of Newcastle, Australia
Shostak, Frank Sydney, Australia
Sima, Josef Prague University of Economics & Liberalni Institut
Simpson, Barry University of South Alabama
Smiley, Gene Marquette University
Smith, Barry State University of New York, Buffalo
Smith, T. Alexander University of Tennessee
Socher, Karl Institut Wirtschaftstheorie, Austria
Sommer, John W. Urban Institute, UNC, Charlotte
Sophocleus, John Auburn University
Steinreich, Dale
Stringham, Edward San Jose State University
Sunwall, Mark University of Hyogo
Tabarrok, Alexander Independent Institute
Tacker, Thomas Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Taylor, Thomas C. Wake Forest University
Terrell, Timothy Wofford College
Thommesen, Sven N. Auburn University
Thompson, Henry Auburn University
Tooley, Hunt Austin College
Trask, Arthur Scott Mises Institute
Trivoli, George Jacksonville State University
van Dun, Frank University of Ghent
Vedder, Richard Ohio University
Veryser, Harry University of Detroit Mercy
Vieira Jr., Edwin National Alliance for Constitutional Money
Walker, Deborah Loyola University
Walstad, Allan University of Pittsburgh
Wells, John KPMG
Westley, Christopher Jacksonville State University
Weymouth, Theodore Lake Forest Graduate School
Wilcke, Richard University of Louisville
Williams, Frank Augusta State University
Wilson, Clyde University of South Carolina
Yamshon, Steven UCLA
Yanochik, Mark Georgia Southern University
Yates, Steven University of South Carolina Upstate
Yeager, Leland Auburn University
Yoon, Bong Joon State University of New York, Binghamton
Younkins, Edward W. Wheeling Jesuit University
Yu, Tony University of New South Wales
Zanella, Fernando United Arab Emirates University
Zelaniec, Wojciech International Academy of Philosophy
Zlabinger, Albert Carl Menger Institute, Vienna